Caring For Your Live Christmas Tree
By Susie Cosack, Master Gardener In-Training, SCMG
Buying a live Christmas tree? Here’s how to select and care for it:
– Buy fresh. In general, local tree lots may have fresher trees than those sold at big box stores.
– Loosen and shake your tree to remove any dead needles. A few inner brown needles is normal.
– Use a tree stand with a large water reservoir. Place a plastic tree removal bag around the stand before you set up the tree.
– Make a fresh 1” cut off the bottom of the tree.
– Immediately water your tree with warm water. Check the water level again in 1 – 2 hours and top it up.
– Additives such as aspirin, sugar or commercial additives are not necessary. Research shows that fresh water is best.
– Check the water level every day. If the cut end of the tree dries out, it will not be able to take up water to keep it fresh.
– Place your tree away from heat (heat vent, radiator, TV or fireplace).
– LED lights are energy efficient and produce very little heat.
– If you can’t set up your tree right away, store it in a shaded area outside.